BTS reaction to their members touching their pregnant gf’s belly


You’re pregnant and the members are touching your belly for the first time.

Jin: As soon as your baby bump was actually obvious he’d be thrilled to feel your baby moving. He’d be proud to show off his unborn child and would let every one of his members touch your belly until they all could feel the baby move at one point. When you both were alone he’d love to lay down next to you and have his hand on your belly at all times.

Yoongi: He would be happy and would let the others touch your belly before they even asked, as long as you feel comfortable with it of course. As soon as someone would touch you more than you liked he’d be protective of you, but he knew it wouldn’t happen with one of his members. He can seem cold and disinterested at times but he’d be wearing his gummy smile whenever he felt your baby moving.

Hoseok: He’d practically force everyone to touch your baby bump. He’d be so happy whenever your baby moved and he would show it proudly. His members would eventually get annoyed of having to touch your belly whenever Hoseok thought the baby was about to move, but they’d all be happy for you both. He’d tell you how happy he is every few minutes, even though his constant smile made it obvious anyways.

Namjoon: He wouldn’t want to force anyone to touch your belly if they didn’t want it. He also asked you if it was okay for him to touch your belly, he wasn’t sure if you even liked it. When you asked the members if they wanted to touch your belly he was smiled happily, he found it cute that you were so comfortable around all the boys, but he’d have his arm around you whenever touched your belly.

Jimin: He thought he was the happiest when he found out but when he actually felt your baby inside your belly for the first time he was even happier. He wanted to share this happy moment with all his members. He’d sit you down on the couch and make sure you’re comfortable while each of his members took turns at touching your baby bump.

Taehyung: All his members would be annoyed with his happy, overjoyed dancing very soon, but they’d all still be very happy for him. He would constantly ask his members if they wanted to touch your belly, he wouldn’t be jealous if someone touched you too long, since it was obvious that you were his and he was yours. He’d cling to you and have a hand on your bump at all times. His cheeks would soon hurt from smiling so much.

Jungkook: He’d be unsure and wouldn’t know if you liked it or if it was uncomfortable for you so he’d wait to touch your baby bump until you actually asked him if he wanted to. He’d have his signature bunny smile as soon as he felt the baby move and he’d want every single one of his members to feel it too but he’d make sure you were okay with it. He would feel a little bit jealous when someone had their hand on your belly for too long though.