How do you think V,Jimin,and Jin would react if you asked them to spend the night not for the usual reasonings but something a little dark, you see I have mild disassociation disorder paired with paranoia so I usually like people around at night. My friend recommended that I ask about this because people with mental disorders aren’t noticed in the fandom and she asked a similar question about her weight and that you weren’t afraid to answer and encouraged questions like this so thank you a lot!!

Of course, sweetie, we don’t shy away from stuff like that here (trust me, I gotta deal with some things offline so I’m always here for you guys online if you need me!) Sorry it took so long to answer!

I think all of the boys would be perfectly up for it if you told them the reason!

Assuming it’s your first time spending the night together Jin would be a bit awkward but really want to be there for you and so he’d wanna cuddle all night, just so he could be holding you the whole time and making sure you’re okay.

V would be more playful and heroically tell you he’d protect you all night, fake beating up your problems. He’d respectfully lie on the other side of the bed unless you asked him to cuddle, in which case he’d squeeze you tightly.

Jimin would be sweetly shy about the whole thing but of course want to be there for you. He’d offer to sleep on the floor but awkwardly accept it if you wanted to cuddle with him instead, eventually relaxing and stroking your hair until you fell asleep.

-Admin T

Hello! I like you’re blog! I’m like a new fan of bts and i’m gonna say i love being one. I was wondering who is you’re favorite? I like everyone but i like more jin,jimin,jungkook and rap monster and a little for V and you?

My biases are Namjoon and Taehyung ^^ Just look at these cuties:

I think admin B said at some point her bias is Namjoon but I’m not 100% sure, can’t answer for her haha

-Admin T