What do you think about Fake Love?

for me personally with how I want my songs, I think it lacks a bit of a climax that I want. like I wished they go harder with some parts, like I feel that they didn’t want to take the song into much heavier sounds/beats. But at the same time, with how I expect kpop songs to be like (not that I’m an expert on it or anything) this is like really out of the usual “kpop sound” that I’m used to. And I think that makes it really fantastic. It’s also such a different sound for bangtan but at the same time it’s also them. I dunno how to explain it hehehe~

The Love it’s so mad Love it’s so mad//Love you so bad Love you so bad part is really catchy. Like especially for anyone who encounters the song for the first time, it can really catch people’s attention I think. Kind of like those songs that you don’t know the title of but knows the chorus hehe!

But I really like it still and enjoy it a lot!!!! Get really nice headphones or earphones, amp up the bass and I feel like it gets more intense. Also I think I kinda like Fake Love better than DNA ;;;_;;; sorry DNA I love you still I promise. I think we’ll really feel the complete vibe of Fake Love once we also see the whole choreo. Which we’ll see in the BBMA performance can you believe, I’m excite!!!!

Hi, Anne! I’m a new army and this will be my first comeback so I’m a little lost. Could you maybe explain what the comeback show vlive from tomorrow is going to consist of? Thank you so much in advance, as well as for all the work you’re doing for this blog! 💗💝💕

hi anon! welcome to the family!!!! and thank you~ ^_^

So bangtan does a comeback show before their album release and they just basically talk about the album, show a part of the choreo and play some games. They just basically have a show 2 hours before the album release so that we can all get ready to see it together and all that. Sometimes I suspect it’s not even scripted hehe. anyways to get more idea you can watch some of the comeback show in the past. One of their most viewed vlives is the comeback show for YNWA album. Watch here: http://www.vlive.tv/video/22344

In teaser two, aren’t they saying love you so bad, love you so bad and then when it gets louder, love is so bad?

I think it’s ‘Love you so bad’ as well but I think they purposely made it inaudible a bit hehehe

Anonymous said: I just tweeted the hashtag for voting for BTS but it doesn’t stop me after a 100 votes? Does that mean that they just count the ones after 100 in? Also when it’s the last day to vote?

twitter won’t stop you from going over 100 votes in a day. if you exceed it just won’t count.

Anonymous said:

In that instagram boomerang, who is the one carrying hobi? Lmao. I was so confused who that is even though i’m a hardcore army.😅 I was like jungkook?no?jimin?no? Jin? No,jin’s over there.😂😂

It’s Jimin ^_^ hehehe! I think you’re not alone in that. This all black hair thing sometimes, it makes it hard to see who’s who at first glance hehehe!

Anonymous said:

armys basically own twitter right now lksjfkdjvkdfgsdr trueeeee

even western artists’ fans are saying it too tbh ;_; our social media engagement when it comes to bangtan. especially on twitter is just really MASSIVE

Anonymous said:

Hey~ Sorry to bother you but do I have a question: does the ‘more dates to come’ mean that there will be more countries they’ll go to? So like is it more countries or they’ll just go to the same place more than once? Sorry if it’s a stupid question I just wanna know if there’s still a chance they’ll come to my country

It can be both actually. They can add shows to a certain country/city they already announced. But they’re definitely bringing the World Tour to more countries soon. Possibly in 2019. Don’t worry anon it’s not a stupid question at all! ^_^

Wait why are we trending Thanks Jin? I mean hell yeah! Thank you for being an amazing person but I’m still confused?

We’re not actually trending it on purpose in the beginning. I think it started from ARMYs from Brazil and it entered WorldWide trends just because? ^_^ I’m not sure also hehehe!

In all seriousness oftentimes we don’t talk about trending key words when it gets into WorldWide trends. It just happens because ARMYs basically own twitter right now.

So the topic this time is ‘Tear’ as in Tearing apart (to rip, etc) rather than ‘Tear’ as in Tearing up 😢 (teardrop). Of course Bighit does not bother to clarify either, from the lyrics of ‘singularity’ plus the attached theories, it seems so

it can actually be both tbh!

Anonymous said:

wait why would they go out of order? T is the turning point but why would they make the A the conclusion? that doesn’t make the WHAT in order. Big Hit like what the actual heck?

well we already started with HER or H so it wasn’t in order even from the start. hahaha! that’s bighit for you~

Anonymous said:

Love LOve LOVE the song! Tae is so good!!!! Though I was wondering if you think Euphoria will be on the album? ^.^

I think it will be!! Well I highly hope it’s there ;_: bighit please!

Anonymous said:

anne, is it true that you can’t get into bts concerts in japan if you don’t have the japanese fancafe membership?

Hi anon! I’m actually not too knowledgeable about this. But! from what I know, yes you have to be an official member of the fanclub. Not only that, the official members of the fanclub gets into concerts by lottery. Meaning even if you’re a member there’s no guarantee you get a ticket, they do lottery on who gets a ticket. That’s why concerts in Japan are always in multiple days, because they know exactly how many people are gonna be attending. But I think they also sell some tickets to the general public? But like only a few? someone correct me if you have any info or source! thanks!

Hey my friend is going to be in Korea when BTS has their concert and she wants to get tickets to see them. Do you have any information on the tickets for Korea? When they go on sale or where the tickets are sold? Thank you!

There’s no announcement yet but they usually do the ticketing at http://ticket.interpark.com/Global/

Anonymous said: I’m super stoked because I’ll be in Korea when their comeback happens. Do they have anything scheduled yet in Korea for music shows or anything? It would be awesome if I got to attend a show

they announce it usually at the fancafe if you want to sign up to attend their music show recording. I unfortunately don’t have the details on how to attend. the details I know I’m not sure if it’s the updated one or even if bighit follows that. I suggest to research on how to attend the music shows. There’s no info yet but I’m guessing they’ll do it the week of May 24 or the week after that. I hope you get to attend one and have a great time in Korea!

Anonymous said:

Anne! I really don’t know what to do! I’m wondering if I should buy The Best Of Bts korean version but I’m not sure since I already got all the songs on it since it’s just the songs which they have music videos to and I can find the music videos on YouTube (they are on the dvd that goes with it) but the photocards are so nice and I really like the box and it’s really not that expensive but I already have the songs! And I’m just not sure what to do!

I’m really not the best person to asks things like these because when it comes to bangtan official merch, if you have the extra money I highly encourage you to buy it! ^_^

Anonymous said:

So the Amazon order page doesn’t say which album you get. I know it’s random cause that’s how I got my Her album. However if you preorder 4 do you or your followers happen to know if you’ll get all 4 versions or will you just get 4 random albums and risk getting duplicates ?

I saw a twitter post before wherein they asked Amazon about it, and they replied that if you preorder 4, you SHOULD be getting 4 different album versions. It’s also noted that if in case you get duplicates, even if you’re just buying 2 for example, you can email Amazon to have it replaced. I highly suggest to contact Amazon also to confirm this~

Anonymous said:

hi anne, i was wondering if you knew if the amazon preorder includes the poster and mini booklet, etc like other kpop sites or is it just the album?

ok so the album itself, even if you preorder or not, should come with the mini booklet, photobook, cd, photocard. no matter where you buy, the album should include all of those and sealed. but sometimes there’s some additional stuff like special photocard, standing photo and posters. usually for the posters and special photocard it only applies to the first press albums. Like if bighit initial order for the album was 700,000 copies then that’s the number of special photocards and posters there is. Once that’s all sold then bighit won’t print it again. that’s why usually the posters are limited.

Hi there :) I think the reposting GIFs thing your anons are referring to is this post? seokjinies. tumblr. com/post/173737097733 Idk who posted first and I dont really care tbh it was just hopefully bad timing and coincidence that you two posted literally the exact same GIFs

Their gifs are completely different from mine, so I don’t think that’s it. The coloring, the size and the cut are all diff. Maybe look better next time? Of course it’s gonna be the same sequence we all get it from the same video clips but no two gif makers do the exact same thing from start to finish. Also it’s normal a lot of gifs of joon in that part will get posted, he looks good.

This isn’t what reposting gifs mean. Just because we gif the exact same sequence it means it’s the same gifs ://////// also please stop telling me it’s a “SIMPLE” thing. The thought of people thinking I’ve been stealing other people’s gifs because it “looks the same” all this time is pissing me off.