A New Beginning pt 2


PT 1

Synopsis: After settling into your shared apartment, your friendship with Hoseok grows as Jungkook’s jealousy strengthens. 

“You’re not the only one who’s hurting.”


Hoseok X Reader, Jungkook X Reader


A/N: thank you so so much for all the love on my re edited fic! Here you go @amazzjin and thanks to a lovely friend of mine, Caitlin, for helping out and editing


The film credits rolled through as you lazily dragged yourself from the couch to the buzzing phone left on the kitchen counter top, leaving Hoseok curled up in a blanket on his side of the couch. Following the sound of the phone, you traced your way around the table and chairs to the glaring screen displaying ‘Jungkookie’ across the screen.


A shaky thumb hovered over the send button as Jungkook looked down to the rehearsed line typed out on his phone. Quickly deleting the text once more, he let out a heavy breath in attempt to shake away the racing nerves, pacing around the apartment before coming to an abrupt stop and staring back at the phone screen.


[Jungkookie, 11:06]  You busy?

[Jungkookie, 11:07]  Can we meet up?

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